Wednesday, August 29, 2012


ink on paper mounted on panel
size is 68"x68"

This work is essentially an infographic map of my body. Each of these tiles that are called "girth" tiles (discovered recently for their 5-fold symmetry and ability to tesselate on an infinite plane - they were also widely used in medieval Islamic architecture) contain a body part where a line radiates from each piece outwards. On the tip of each line a number is assigned based on the order in which each body piece should be placed to reconstruct the complete body in its entirety. i.e body part number 542 is the sole of the feet, body part number 541 is the next piece up etc until reaching body part number 1 which would be the tip of the head..   

The slices are derived from  a 3-dimensional scan of my entire body that was then cross sectioned into 1/4" horizontal slices.  

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