Thursday, November 10, 2011

Corporeal geometry?

A new obsession of mine is GEOMETRY, geometric solids and how they occupy our spatiality.

I'm working on an installation piece that stems from a further investigation of the new work I’ve been doing that essentially deals with the link of borders and divisions created geographically as well as corporally in the form of dissections.

To sum everything up; I'm working on building a dodecahedron which is a geometric shape that resembles a globe and is created by 12 pentagons. Whithin each pentagon I have asymetriclly neseted cross sectional pieces of my own body creating holes within that shape. This was achieved by a detailed 3D scanning of my entire body that was then horizontally cross sectioned into 1/4" pieces. The pieces amount to 541 organic shapes.

Why a dodecahedron?! well, this is where the link back to geographical maps come in! It's the most globe like of all 5 platonic solids whithin which the golden ratio is found. Did you know that dodecahdrons form naturally in crystals and flowers and that there is a new study done by a french astrophysists employing that our universe is shaped as a dodecahedron!

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  1. Beautiful organic forms, reminds me of the folded paper cut-outs we did as children... and must say, I do love the spatial work installations because it is active and embodies one as you move through it. Nice and love for you to come to Australia one day! :)