Monday, October 17, 2011

Corporeal Mappings

Corporeal Mappings
oil on mobile panels
199x199x12cm 2011

I developed the sliding puzzle with the intent to link this game with the plasticity of the malleable body. With the advent of todays medical or more specifically surgical advancements, our body has become more and more malleable and the idea of modification and alternation has gained a worldwide audience. We are now able to change and alter our flesh to conform to what we perceive as the ultimate ideal beauty.

Puzzles are learning tools that challenge our ingenuity and require recognizing patterns and creating order within them. Sliding puzzles are panels to be configured to create a final coherent image. The separation of the individual panels creates a deconstruction in the final image that reflects the common dualistic psychology of today as in mind/body or feminine/masculine etc. The attempt of actively assembling these separated panels into a coherent image transcends the Cartesian dualism of mind versus body and the obsession of control.

This piece focuses on the corporeal aspect of gender and body modification where these women are excessively altering each other in a never-ending cycle of a deranged path to an unattainable utopia.


  1. Hello Hayv,

    I follow your artwork since many years ago, I love them all, amazing.
    Could I ask you a question, is you have time to answer me.
    What king of wood do you use for painting, is it the normal plywood? or are them other kind a solid wood?
    I wish I could see you working ;) on a piece or learn from you, so subtle and
    truly special artwork. I feel so much attraction and passion about the ancient art from Islamic world.